A Wedding Planner Can Save You Time, Money and Keep You Sane

Think about this ~ Individual couples only plan one wedding in their lifetime.  However, Wedding Planners plan hundreds and sometimes thousands of events throughout their career, so are in the position to bring repeat business to wedding vendors. And because they have often planned many different types, budgets and styles of wedding, Planners can use their past experience to recommend reliable, professional vendors and match you with companies that meet your specific wedding needs.
While discounts are not guaranteed, many Planners have existing working relationships with vendors in the industry, so are offered special perks and offers not usually available to the average couple.  And even if a discount is not offered from every vendor, they are working to not only make you happy, but make your Planner happy as well so they can continue a positive working relationship.  So you are doubly-covered!

Value your time & your sanity?